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WDS Cyber Shield.

The idea

Cyber-crime is a massive plague that is destroying years of savings and most importantly, mental peace and financial security that an individual has built up, especially in the senior citizen category.

Our laws were created to protect us and enable us to defend ourselves - as families, individuals, and entrepreneurs.

However, many people do not get the help they need because of the cost and complexity of the legal process.

We endeavor to make a sustainable change by making legal services more affordable and accessible to more people than ever before.

We aim to assist people in bridging the gap between capturing digital crime, threats, and then preparing the mechanisms and relevant documents to go to the authorities for redressal. The WDS Cyber Shield seeks to solve this problem.

How it works 

Tell us the details

Fill out the form or send us a whatsapp or an email with details of what has transpired. 

Upload the evidence

We will ask you to upload any eveidence you may have, this is as easy as sending a picture to us on whatsapp. 

Complaint letter

Our pannel of legal experts will put together your complaint letter which you can submit to your local police station

Discounted legal services

If you need further help you get 10% off your legal fees or a fixed price offer.

Why Us? 

100% Confidential

From the comfort of your own home

Qualified law professionals

Speak to a lawyer in your language


The team so was helpful and Fantastic at what they do. Thank you all. 

Thank you

Thank you WDS Shield for guiding my mother when she wanted to lodge a complaint in the police station. Great Service! 

Great Service

Thank you for helping me when laptop was hacked.  Such Great professional services for no cost.

Contact us 

+91 9831482638

Fill out the form below or else send us an email or WhatsApp to resolve your cyber legal issues today. 


Thanks for submitting!
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